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Local 636 Partnership

Course Coffee Roasters

Course Coffee is a community coffee company. We’re proud to partner with them and enhance this spirit of community found in the Local 636 area.


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 You can find our co-branded shirts at the Course Coffee location in Frenchtown at 1218/1220 N 2nd Street in Saint Charles, Missouri.

"We are regular people whose journeys have been changed over coffee. We met working at varying shops, shared interests, hardships and growth around coffee. We began traveling and tasting complex roasts and became passionate about refining and sharing this experience with others. We moved from our homes in PA and FL to St. Charles, MO, where is now the home of Course(TM) and ours. It's been our experience that coffee is a means to deepen relationships, bring people together to learn, grow and experience hope. We are grateful for where our course has lead and excited to encounter yours."

- The Course Team


Partner with Local636

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