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Danger Party & 636 Day Preview

Danger Party is playing the first ever 636 Day presented by Local 636 and The City of St. Charles!  Dylan and Ryan from the band sit down and talk about thier live shows and what you can expect to see on 636 day. We nerd out on a couple music things including a French easycore band….yes that’s a real thing and it’s awesome. 

Then they turn the tables on me and you can hear a little of what to expect on 636 Day!

Call Hobby Lobby! With Anthony Russo

Entertainer extraordinaire, Anthony Russo, is here to share his story. From growing up in the entertainment industry, Anthony was encouraged and supported to follow his dreams. He is an incredible talent, and through his hard work he has made a name for himself. If you’ve ever seen one of his shows, you get it.

Mark Hollander of La Belle Vie

Mark Hollander is best known for owning and operating La Belle Vie – The Cafe at Frenchtown with his wife Melissa, but Mark has been an active member of St. Charles County for the last 35+ years. Born and raised in the STC, hear his story about how he came to be where he is.

What a Riot!

Brian Agovino is the head pastor at Summit Community Church by day, and a trivia guru/entertainer by night. Hear a bit of the history of his trivia nights and how they’ve evolved, and stayed live, over the years.

Jeff Lage – A Transplant Love Story

Jeff Lage sits down with us to share his story about how he and his wife fell in love with the St. Charles area while investing in real estate here. This love for St. Charles sparked a move for both of them, and now they proudly call themselves 636 residents.

Local 636 Origin Story

What is Local 636 and how did it get started? Local 636 podcast host, Ed Akers, sits down to talk about the beginnings of Local 636 and what inspires the brand to keep making a scene in St. Charles County.

Mike Elam

“The Voice of St. Charles” joins the Local 636 podcast! Mike has twice been named as the Best Male Voice in St. Louis by the St. Louis Marconi Radio Awards and has a thriving voiceover business. You may have seen him as the emcee for more than 20 events each year for a variety of organizations and charities throughout St. Charles County.

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